This site is under renovation. I am porting the games to run under discord. The game is currently in beta test.

To play join and join #acro


Acro was formerly known as ACROPHOBIA and ran as Alphabet Soup on Talk City. It was originally written for IRC by Kenrick Mock in 1996 based on a game concept by Andrea Shubert. Your job, in one minute or less, is to make the funniest and most original phrase for a random acronym 3-7 letters long. The game is hosted by a bot named acrobot 24 hours a day. Language is not restricted, so you may encounter some harsh language at times. However, players are asked to be courteous to one another.

The game begins with the bot presenting the acronym, for example, "MTG". Your acro must be a series of words that begins with the letters M, T, and G. For example, "Meatwhiz Tastes Great!" would be a valid acronym, along with "Mister T's Groovy!". You have 30 seconds to think up your acronym. At this time, the bot will present the collected answers and you are given a short amount of time to vote in a private/direct message for the acronym that you think is best. You are not allowed to vote for your own acronym. Finally, AlphaBot will list each acro and tell you how many votes that acronym received. The first player to reach 30 points wins.

The points are added like this:

How To Play

Throughout the game, acrobot will tell you what you need to do. If you watch for his messages, then you will be able to play fine. In general, you will be sending answers to the bot through private/direct messages. The following is a short game transcript:


Players using multiple accounts or signons to cheat are not appreciated. acrobot logs votes and this makes it easier to identify cheaters. If you are caught cheating, you will be banned from the game indefinitely.

Game Bot Commands

The commands that acrobot recognizes are listed below. These commands may be stated publicly on the channel or in a direct message.