Gamers of the World, Unite!

I've set up this site as a place where you can continue to play the chat games Ridiculist, Alphabet Soup, and Finders Keepers.  I also added some other games, namely Risky Business (my very first game!) and Bog.

To play, simply point your IRC client to, port 6667 or 8067, or use the Web IRC Client.

I'm running the site as a hobby, so it isn't nearly as polished as other commercial gaming sites.  There are also going to be some rough patches.  For example, the web applet needs customizing, the server is not as fast as what you may be used to, we have to figure out how to assign and handle who will be an op or administrator, and people may not come here to play.  Nevertheless, if you will bear with me, I hope you have fun playing and I will work to add new features and new games over time. I'm also hoping that you will get to play a more active role in how the games are run. When I first wrote Risky Business (originally called Jeopardy) back in 1993, the game was run entirely for fun with a lot of community support and no profit involved. Since then we've had for-profit games and now I'm looking forward to coming full circle and back to the ideals and community atmosphere of the original games.

There is no fee to play but if you enjoy the games I hope you consider donating to cover the cost of hosting the domain and server.