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Kenrick, thank you SO much for all the obvious hard work you've done, and so quickly!! It already feels like home here! I can't wait for everyone to get here and start playin around with everything and figuring it all out. Everything looks great, better than I imagined it would with such a short time frame to get it all up and running. We truly appreciate what you've done here, and hope we make it all worth it for you! :)

Thanks again!! And WELCOME EVERYONE!!! We're HOME! :)


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YAY!!! This is toooo cool!! I love it here! Soooo MUCH better than TalkCity!! No need to go anywhere else. Thank you Mach!! You did an AWESOME job!!

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I couldn't wait to get home

I couldn't wait to get home this morning, hoping the new site was up and going. :D  Thanks so much Mach.