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I thought it would be a good idea to draft acceptable use policies for everyone.  I used Eingang's game rules as a starting point for when she was running IRC games. Please weigh in with your feedback, thanks!

Acceptable Use Policy

The following rules are intended to lay out guidelines for proper behavior on the channels/rooms.  All interactions on the game channels are logged and will be monitored in the event of a complaint. Please abide by the guidelines. Repeated violations of the guidelines will likely result in a ban from the channels or the entire server.


The most important rule for our game channels is that all people on the channel must be treated with respect, be they just regular game players, operators, bots, or administrators. Treating people with respect means being polite, obeying the rules, and contributing in a positive way to a healthy channel atmosphere.

If you find yourself in a position where you are being verbally attacked, flooded, or otherwise harassed, please ask the offending party to cease. If they fail to cease, use your client's ignore command (if you have one) and report the problem to a game operator. Do not bother to respond to the person.

If you have a fight to pick with another user, please do it off channel or in private messages. Respecting other people means letting them enjoy the game without being subject to any personal problems you might have with other users.


The games are not designed for young children, but is appropriate for teenagers. Consequently, the atmosphere is meant to be PG-13, which means an occasional expletive or reference to an adult situation such as sex or drugs is OK. Excessive profanity or vulgarity are prohibited.  An exception to this rule is the #ABC-NC17 room which allows almost any content appropriate for an adult audience.  All other rules, such as respect, still apply.

The profanity rules do not constitute a violation of the Constitution right to free speech. The rules for free speech only apply to printed materials and areas of public congress. This is a private space and exempt from such rules.


Channel operators are users entrusted to maintain order on the channel as well as to notify the administration in the event of errors or mishaps. If you think someone is abusing their operator privileges please feel free to contact Kenrick with details of the problem.


Flooding is defined as the rapid dumping of material to the channel or to other users via private messages, or repeated ctcp commands aimed at another user. Flooding often includes dumping ASCII art pictures to the screen, large pieces of conversations, textfiles, repeated pinging, large amounts of colored text, etc. We ask that you refrain from flooding the channel or other users.

Malicious Activities

This category of behavior includes sending viruses, spyware, malware, spamming, or any illicit or illegal activity. If this occurs you will be told to stop and will be banned until you do so.