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Over the last few days I had the lyrics to that great song by The Clash, Should I Stay Or Should I Go? rattling around in my head. First, thanks to Mel and VVill for offering their server to host the games. There's a certain camaraderie to being Talk City outcasts :-) There are certainly a lot more chatters on TalkCitizen and that could be good for keeping the games active.

After reading through everyone's comments on the poll and noting that it was pretty evenly split between stay/share-move, I decided to leave the games here for now. If the TalkCitizen staff is willing, perhaps we can revisit this in the future. If there was a strong sentiment to move then I'd go with that, otherwise it is a bit more work to maintain bots on two servers. I've also got some plans to spruce things up with a web-GUI interface and that would probably be easier with everything all on one server.

Thanks everyone for your input! There seems to be a dramatic topic every couple months so see you all next time :-)

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hi! havent been on talkcity

hi! havent been on talkcity for absolutely ages, used to be very regular, but then had a baby who took over my life!!! i revisited this evening and found that my old games room had vanished!! then found you here!! over the moon that you have taken the time and effort to keep the rooms going, but devestated to learn that no one was online when i came on!!!!! please keep this room.......you should stay.....lol..... i will be back and i hope everyone else will be too, lol!!

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Musical directives...

I've also hummed (mentally, at least) the Clash's "Should I stay or should I go" mantra in times of indecision. Another refrain that occasionally crosses my mind is from John Lennon:

How can I go forward,
If I don't know which way I'm facing?
How can I go forward,
If I don't know where to turn?"

Here's hoping the path leads forward.

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Another good one :) That reminds me that we should set up some kind of music-based game...

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Thanks all!

This is great where everyone can discuss their opinion, even thought it wasn't in our favor we hold no grudges here. We've placed a link on our homepage for players to find you.

Please feel free to come visit us anytime at www.talkcitizen.com
The TalkCitizen Team.